Sunday, 20 September 2015

Primark haul...

It's been forever since I've been to Primark and after payday decided to go in with the specific plan of getting a certain item I'd seen on Instagram for my sister. As usual they didn't have it, but after walking round the shop looking for it I ended up  with the inevitable armful of stuff!
I got some pineapple and ghost nails- both too cute  to resist. I also found out Primark now stock Tokidoki! Tokidoki stuff usually tends to be on the expensive side, but there was tons of cheap stationery stuff so I bought a notebook for £2.50. (I've now officially overdosed on notebooks!) 

I bought a big tinned candle and small lilac candle holder both reduced to a £1 each and a pastel purple throw for £3.90. It is amazingly snugly and soft and goes perfect on my new-but second had office chair. 

Lastly I got this bag- I've needed one for a while as I've been just using a tote bag. This is the perfect size to fit all my work stuff in and has a shoulder strap.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Obsessions: Printed Tees...

Today's post is about another of my many obsessions...Printed T shirts. I can't resist checking the many daily tee sites (my favourites being Qwerty and TeeFury) to see which designs they have up each day, and have an overflowing drawer full of them. I thought I'd show some of my more recent purchases...

This Black Widow Tee was from TeeFury. Widow is one of my favourite Avengers so I was glad to see a design focusing  on her as merch for the character is few and far between. 

 There was no way I was going to resist this Quentin Tarantino design, his face is covered in references to all his films, I especially love Zed's keys :) 

This one is quite possibly perfect, right? Wednesday Adams holding a bottle of poison and looking unimpressed. I love it!  

By this point I had put myself on a Tee ban, but then TeeFurry throw this Mystique design at me, the sneaks. Mystique has always been a favourite since I was a kid obsessed with the X Men cartoon. I love the nod to her alter ego Raven too.

Anyone else have an obsession for printed tees?

Monday, 7 September 2015

Book review... Me & Mr J by Rachel McIntyre...

Me & Mr J is a young adult book about Lara a sixteen year old who is bullied at school, has family problems and embarks on a relationship with her teacher.

Written in the style of a diary it is a very quick and easy read. Although obviously the subject matter of a student/teacher relationship is taboo the part I found the most disturbing was the bullying. The bullying Lara was subjected to was pretty horrific, and made for grim reading. I did feel perhaps at times Lara's reaction was sometimes a little inconstant (sometimes she took it, petrified to do anything, other times she answered or even fought back.) 

The relationship she has with Mr J her English teacher was written sympathetically. Truth be told Mr J seemed like a nice guy- there was no grooming, or taking advantage or creepiness although obviously the relationship was still morally wrong. 

I think Lara was a sympathetic protagonist, and although some people think she seemed to immature for her age I didn't really have a problem with that (although it was a while since I was sixteen so I'm no expert!)

Overall, I found it an enjoyable read, but don't think I'm the target reader and perhaps if I'd read this when I was younger I'd have enjoyed it more. I found the ending a little annoying- I felt like there was no satisfying conclusion to the bullying and also felt the writer played it too safe and ended up coming off preachy in a cringeworthy way. All the trauma was glossed over and it ended up abruptly finishing on a "moral of the story" that had me eye rolling. This is why I tend to avoid young adult.

I gave this a 3/5 on Goodreads.
Find all my book reviews here. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Food: Rilakkuma honey butter pretzel sticks...

I can never resist the opportunity to try Japanese candy and snacks, so whilst browsing Oyatsu Cafe I saw these cute Rilakkuma Honey Butter Pretzel Sticks from Kabaya I instantly added them to my basket.

The packaging is super cute, the back of the box has a bookmark (I believe there are a number of different designs to collect), and the inner package is covered in kawaii images. When you open the pack you get a strong smell of honey, and the pretzels themselves are crisp and crunchy. The immediate taste I got was a rich buttery flavour (a bit like shortbread) and then a very strong taste of honey. Personally I'm not the hugest fan of honey, so I found these a little too sweet for my tastes but they were still pretty good! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lately August...

August was a busy but brilliant month for me. At the beginning of the month was my Birthday- I went for burgers at Five guys and blogged about the day as well as all the cool presents I got.

I've been finding out how painfully expensive being a comic book reader is :( So many series I want to read, so little money... Urgh! 

Receiving an amazingly thoughtful parcel from a friend full of lovely goodies including some Freedom Make Up- I have heard so many good things about this brand so can't wait to try it all out!


 having to start work at 6.30 had made me realise how much I love my bed, and how I am really not a morning person!

♥ Becoming addicted to The Fall and marathoning both series. 

♥ Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut album of my all time favourite band Garbage.

Monday, 31 August 2015

August reading round up...

Because of working so much overtime this month I haven't had the chance to read many books, but thought I'd still go ahead with my round up...

Me & Mr J by Rachel McIntyre
A YA about Lara, a sixteen year old girl who is bullied at school, has family problems and finds herself falling for her new English teacher. Written in the style of a diary this was an enjoyable enough read. Full review coming soon! 3/5

Chew Vol.1 by John Layman & Rob Guillory
A tongue in cheek comic about Tony Chu, a detective who has a weird secret: he is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. So if he nibbles a piece of a murder victim he can find out who did it and why! Add into the equation chicken is prohibited due to an outbreak of bird flu, and some very bizarre murders and you have a funny and strange series that I can't wait to read more of! 4/5

Alex + Ada Vol.3 by Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn
Alex and now sentient android Ada are trying to live their life in a world where sentient robots are illegal, will they make it? I read volume three in single issue form as I was too impatient to wait for the tpb to be released. Sadly these five issues are the last of the series, and were brilliant. The story was completely heartbreaking, but finished on the perfect note and highly recommend you check out this thought provoking, and emotional story. 5/5

Single issues...
Again I didn't get to read many but my favourite singles of the month were Convergence: Catwoman, and Alex + Ada.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Shabby Geek Box...

Shabby Geek Box are one of the many geeky subscription boxes out there, the difference being they mix licensed goods with items they make themselves. Some of their monthly themed boxes have looked really good, and due to popularity they have started doing personalised boxes where for £15 (small), £25 (medium) or £50 (large) they will put together a box of goodies with a selection of themes of your choice promising you get double the value of what you paid.

I did try a medium box when they first started and wasn't particularly impressed so didn't feature it. They I received a large personalised box from my sister for my Birthday and had to share as the contents is brilliant!

The themes she picked were Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Catwoman, Buffy, Ghost World, Arrested Development and The Munsters (my sister knows me too well!)There was a delay in it arriving so it ended up getting here a bit after my Birthday but the contents made up for it!

Inside I got a Buffy bag, Catwoman desk clock, Arrested Development mug, a Ghost World mug, a Doctor Who bottle opener magnet, a Doctor Who comic, an Adventure Time puzzle coaster set, a Munsters cushion cover and a Catwoman Vinyl Vixen (which unbeknown to them I already have.) Overall I think there's a good mix of stuff,  and all the themes were covered.

Also, the printing quality and design of the handmade items had improved A LOT since the first box I ordered. On their Facebook page they often share pictures of different boxes they have put together and on the whole they are really impressive. I definitely recommend giving them a try!