Friday, 31 October 2014

Ebay picks: Halloween...

Hannibal Lecter Pop! Vinyl Figure £11.95 here
Iron Fist Zombie Bag £21.50 here
Red Devil Hello Kitty TY Plush £6.99 here
Chucky Latex Mask £13.95 here
Frankenstein's Monster Pinata £11.99 here
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley £1.99 here
Jack Skellington Pop! Vinyl Figure £12.95 here

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Bloody Halloween...

As soon as I saw Etude House had released a Halloween themed palette I couldn't buy it quick enough! The palette is what I would describe as 'mini' in size and has five powder eyeshadows and one cheek/ lip stain in a sturdy palette with mirror. Aside from the amazing name Bloody Halloween the shades themselves have great names too: Pale (an off white shimmery highlight), Zombie Kiss (a brownish red creamy stain), Witch Hunting (a creamy matte peachy brown), Funky Horror (a shimmery brownish mauve), Bloody Burgundy (does what it says on the tin), and finally Halloween Night (a deep blackish brown with gold glitter.) 

When swatched on their own I must admit I was a little disappointed with the pigmentation. The powder has a lovely soft texture but they just don't show up that well. On top of a primer it's a different story, and the shadows are really deep and vibrant. They are lovely to blend, and last well on. Although I know a lot of people won't like the idea of a cream product in an eyeshadow palette, I haven't had any problems with the eyeshadows crumbling. I must say I love Zombie Kiss- the lip/ cheek stain. It lasts really well, is non drying to the lips and is great for a 'vampire bite' style lip.

Monday, 27 October 2014

My Halloween film picks....

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, and as a big horror film fan I enjoy the tradition of a Halloween film night. Turn the lights off, put you cosy pyjamas on and get your popcorn ready! Here are my film recommendations for what to watch...

The Classics...
You can't beat a bit of classic horror to get you in that eerie mood! Any of the Frankenstein films provide the perfect retro Halloween atmosphere along with any of the iconic Bela Lugosi films (especially Dracula.) The Shining ("Here's Johnny!!") Psycho, The Exorcist and The Birds are on my 'must see' classic horror list too.

Japanese horror...
Arguably Japan are the king of the horror film and have many weird and wonderful scary films to choose from. From the well known- (Ju-On: The Grudge, Chakushin Ari- One Missed Call, Dark Water, Ringu) which have all had US remakes to the more obscure, such as my personal favourite EXTE: Hair Extensions a film that is literally about killer hair extensions; and manages to be both ridiculously amusing and scary at the same time!

The Modern Classics...
Of course there's many great modern horror films. The US remakes of The Ring and The Grudge being two if you are not a fan of subtitles. The Descent is a brilliant film if you like your horror bleak. If you enjoy supernatural scares then you can't go wrong with Shutter, Silent Hill, Dark Corners, and the Paranormal Activity series. Or if you like your horror to be totally ridiculous (yep, guilty) then Drag Me To Hell, Orphan and the Hostel series are must see. 

The Zombie Films...
Zombies get their own section because I love them and quite frankly you can find a zombie film for every occasion. For instance how about Dead Snow, a zombie/ nazi crossover! Or Cockneys Vs Zombies (self explanatory), or one of my personal favourites the so-bad-it's-good Trailer Park of Terror which combines hill-billies and zombies! You can't go wrong with the classic Dawn of the Dead, or for something more recent 28 Days Later and the Resident Evil series (which brings back many nightmarish memories of playing the games as a kid!)

The Horror Comedy...
Perfect if you don't like too many scares, or prefer a laugh instead of nightmares. The best comedy horror (OFFICIALLY!) has to be Shaun of the Dead which brilliantly combines zombies, comedy, romance and many everyday objects as weapons. Other picks include Zombieland, and Dog Soldiers- which involves werewolves. Of course some horror films inadvertently end up as comedies for being so terrible! 

The Fun Horrors...
Finally the films that contain more gothic fun than scares and are (almost) fine for the whole family. Two of my all time favourite films sit in this category: the amazingness that is Beetlejuice (you can't beat a Tim Burton film!) and The Addams Family films (my favourite is the second.) But 90s classic The Craft is great too.

So there is a round up of my Halloween film recommendations... do you have any favourites?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Yankee Candle Halloween 2014...

Every year I eagerly await the new scents Yankee Candle bring out for Halloween and Christmas. This year they had three flavours for Halloween:Ghostly Treats, Candy Corn and Witches Brew. Although I love the look of the big Halloween jars I tend to stick to the wax melts (they are really good, and much cheaper!)

Ghostly Treats is probably my favourite of the three. To me it smells like toasted marshmallows with a fresh kick at the end. This one is very sweet, and I can only burn this for a short while as the smell is so overpowering!

Candy Corn smells like the American sweet which is synonymous with Halloween. I've never tasted Candy Corn :( but from what I've heard it tends to get a love hate reaction. The wax melt itself to me smells mainly of vanilla with a gummy sweet smell. I love the bright orange colour of this one.

Lastly Witches Brew, which is described as a 'spicy sweet aroma of patchouli' which to me smells like a mixture of liquorice, and a fresh mens aftershave.

These are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit!

Friday, 24 October 2014

My Geek Box October...

My Geek Box is a subscription service based in the UK that sends out a monthly box full of 'geek gear.' Each month they have a different theme, and each box contains a limited edition t shirt. Octobers theme was 'nightmares' and as a big horror fan I couldn't resist giving them a try. The box was shipped out on the 15th and I got it really quickly, so I'm happy with the service. Here's what I got... 

First off a Chucky t shirt! I do love Chucky, and the design is really cute. I'm glad I decided to order a large mens shirt so I can use it as an around the house/ pyjama top as I wouldn't wear a bright red top out and about. There was also a Jack Skellington fridge magnet- I love The Nightmare Before Christmas but the magnet is a bit meh, although it was a nice little touch. I do love the look of the Monster Mates Poppin' Candy as anything apple flavoured is good by me!

Zombies! I suppose you couldn't have a nightmares themed box without them. I got a Zombie Zity Swobblerz toy (the baker) which to me seems much more of a kids toy... Interestingly of all the twelve to collect on the back of the packaging they are all men, so maybe us women will be immune when the zombie outbreak hits! There was also a Zomblings in the Town blind bag toy, I got a funny little zombie pig.

It's probably the cutest zombie I've seen. ♬ Zombie pig, zombie pig, does whatever a zombie pig does 

The main item in this months box was a Pop! Vinyl and you could either get Jason or Freddy Krueger. I'm quite happy to add Freddy to my collection (of two!) I think this item definitely makes the box for me.

And finally this small poster. I'm a huge fan of classic horror so was pleased to see this little nod to Bela Lugosi's Dracula, and Boris Karloff's Frankenstein monster (although I would have loved more classic horror!) I think the design could have been better, but maybe I'm just being picky!

So overall I'm pretty pleased with the box, but at £16.99 it's probably not something I'd order again as I'm quite fussy, and a large portion of the stuff I wouldn't have bought knowingly if it hadn't been for the surprise element. I do feel like they could have done a bit better with the theme... 

If you're interested in trying them out they are here, next months theme is Best of British.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint 5th Birthday Edition....

The Fresh Cherry Tint by Etude House is one of their most loved products, and to celebrate the products fifth Birthday they released two limited edition shades: Cherry Coral, and the one I chose- Cherry Lavender.

Etude House describe the Cherry Tints as "moist and soft like milk and sparkly like cherry."
They do have an unusual but nice thick creamy texture, which somehow doesn't feel thick or sticky on. I think this is probably the first time I've ever been disappointed with the pigmentation of an Etude House product, swatched it's not too bad but on my lips it provides an only just visible wash of colour. 

On the plus side the tint contains vitamins and minerals to help moisturise the lips, and I can confirm this does feel like I'm wearing a hydrating lip balm rather than a usually drying lip tint. Overall a nice product, just a shame about the colour pay off.

The Cherry Tint is available here (I use this seller all the time, and have had no problems.)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Book Review: The New Ghost by Robert Hunter...

This comic book was an impulse Amazon buy, as the name and cover interested me. I didn't bother to properly read the description so when it arrived I was surprised to find it is actually a short story which I read in about ten minutes. Regardless I still wanted to post about it as I really enjoyed it.

The New Ghost, as you can probably imagine is a story about a ghost on his first night being a ghoul. It's a sweet story of him finding out what he is supposed to to do. The artwork in this book is particularly beautiful, and I love how the majority of the pictures consist of just reds, blues, and greens. 

I think this book would make a really lovely gift too. The New Ghost is part of a graphic short story project to help young artists, so I am definitely going to look into which other stories they have in their series.