Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick review...

I have such a back log of make up products to review I have no idea where to even start... today I thought I would go for the Waterdrop Tint Stick from one of my favourite Korean cosmetic brands Holika Holika.

The tint came in a cute card water drop package. I don't know about anyone else but for some reason I always like lip products that are housed in packaging that matches the shade of the lipstick... I don't know why! The shade I picked is 01 Waterdrop Cherry, which is actually swatches as more of a tomato red.

The tint has a strangely wet texture to the touch, although strangely when applied is quite dry and matte. In terms of pigmentation it is ok, but leans more to the sheer side giving a decent wash of colour.

It's also worth mentioning that after having this for a couple of months I've found it has dark lumps all over it, I'm not sure if I have a one from a bad batch but it now looks diseased and I'm sad to say it will be heading in the bin as it doesn't look useable :( which is a shame as it is a lovely everyday lip colour.

You can buy one here for £5.23 in a choice of 5 colours.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Feb reading round up...

This month has been pretty productive in terms of reading so thought I would do a quick round up of the books I've read...

The Stone Rose by Jaqueline Rayner
This is one of the many novels that accompany the TV show, and the first I've read. I thought I'd start with a book from tens era as he's probably my favourite, and Rose is my favourite companion. This was an enjoyable easy read that was mainly set in Ancient Greece, and captured the characters really well. I felt like this could have easily fitted into series two as an episode. The Stone Rose was packed full of ten and Rose moments, so makes a particularly good read for fans of the pair. 

Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson
This was a thriller about a middle aged woman who has amnesia and forgets everything every time she goes to sleep. She begins to write a journal and starts to realise she may not be able to trust the people in her life. This sounds like a brilliant premise for a story, but I found it really slow and predictable. It also pushed the boundaries of neuroscience to a ridiculous level.

The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre
What can I say? I was disappointed with this thriller, and found the story too predictable. You can read my full review here.

Happy Slapped by a Jellyfish by Karl Pilkington
I think this is the only Karl Pilkington book I hadn't read, and was also one of his first books. Each chapter is about a place he has (or in some cases hasn't) been and his account of his visit. The book is packed full of his usual wit and "karl-isms" and is a very entertaining read. 

Saga Volumes 1,2, and 3- Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
This is a sci-fi/ fantasy comic book series focused on a couple who are soldiers from opposing sides of a raging galactic war, trying to find safety for themselves and their newborn child. In short this series is AMAZING! It has everything, but at the heart is a story of love and family. Their are so many fantastic characters and the story just gets better and better.100% recommend! 

iZombie Volume 1-4 by Chris Roberson & Michael Allred
This was a fun horror comic book series focused on Gwen a fully functioning zombie who had to eat a brain a month to survive. Every time she ate a brain she got flashbacks from the previous owners life and helped them with their unfinished business. Helping her along the way was her ghost friend from the 60's, and a geeky guy who once a month turned into a were- terrier. The story was fun, and there were a lot of references classic horror fans would enjoy. I'll be reviewing this series in full next Monday.

You can find me on Goodreads here!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Pop in a Box...

Another month, another Pop In A Box opening... 
This month I was eagerly (= impatiently) awaiting my parcel. I was very pleased to find Crazy 88 inside from the Kill Bill collection, now I have them all apart from Bill himself! 

You can find my other PIAB posts here (which explain the subscription service too):

And now for a Pop update, here are the other new additions to my collection this month:

I bought all these from Star Action Figures, who I highly recommend. They have the best prices around and also have great service. Now I definitely need to get a Frankenstein monster to go with the bride ♥.

Friday, 27 February 2015

A little Primark haul...

I went into Primark the other day mainly to get some Birthday presents for my sister, but couldn't resist buying a few bits for myself. I think I may have an obsession with sunglasses- no matter what time of year it is it's rare I walk out of Primark without a pair! I fell in love with these two, and they were just £2 each. I also got a pack of pastel hair pins as I use (and loose) them daily.

Finally I found this little gem in the bag section. It's a storage bag with an amazing junk food print, (which would also make a good lunch bag) but I'm using mine as a make up bag for my daily used stuff, which it's perfect for as it's so huge and it was only a £1- when I saw the price I couldn't grab it quick enough!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lush Avobath bath bomb...

I got the Avobath bath bomb from Lush in a gift set from the Boxing Day sales, but as it's from their permanent line thought I would review it. I must admit when I originally read the name I thought it was Avobath as in 'av a bath, but it turn out it's because it has avocado in...oh well, I kind of prefer my version!

Firstly Avobath is huge, and you straight away get the smell of zesty lemon as soon as it's in the vicinity. Once you pop it in the bath is gently fizzes away turning the water a nice spring green. The bath bomb is a great pick me up as it filled my bathroom with it's uplifting citrus scent. I'd say this a good one if you want something that's going to wake you up, or make you feel more energised. 

I really enjoyed Avobath, and found it made the water nicely moisturising too, giving my skin as well as my senses a good pick me up! 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Book review: The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre...

(contains minor spoilers)
The Girl in 6E is about Deanna Madden, a 21 year old who hasn't left her apartment in three years to protect other people from her murderous tendencies. She makes money by performing to webcams on sex websites. but when she learns a little girl has gone missing she begins to suspect one of her clients and leaves her apartment to find out.  

I thought this was going to be a good dark thriller, but for at least the first half of the book it was basically an account of a "cammer girl" as she calls herself. I felt like the writer was going out of her way to be as explicit as possible, but there was no relevance and it took forever to get to the missing girl part i.e. the story. I looked up the author afterwards and saw that she previously wrote 'erotic romance fiction' so maybe this is no surprise.

In terms of the thriller part of the book it was over before it had even started and was very clear what was going to happen, so in terms of suspense was disappointing. Also, whilst it was clear the writer had intensely researched the life of webcam sex workers it seemed little research was done into the mind of someone with psychopathic tendencies. That whole part of the book seemed so blasé, and unrealistic which was a shame as it could have made an interesting character.  

There was also a love interest in the book, a guy who was some perfect muscle man, completely boring, and didn't give a damn that Deanna had tried to kill him on their first meeting and was swiftly fooled by a bit of dry humping *eye roll*. Overall I found this book to be a style over substance type read, with very little below the surface.

It turns out this book is the first in a series, but it's probably no surprise to hear I don't plan on reading the next one! On Goodreads I gave this book a 2 out of 5.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rilakkuma sticker and seals blind pack...

When I made my latest order with Oyatsu Cafe I couldn't resist adding this little blind pack to my basket, partly out of curiosity and mainly because I can't say no to Rilakkuma!

Inside the little pack you get a mystery card bookmark- I got this adorable macaron one, a sticker sheet- I got the cute honey themed sheet and a not particularly appetising square of gum. The gum tastes better than it looks though, and was ramune flavour.

I'm very happy with this little pack as I can never have enough bookmarks! 

There are 25 different bookmarks to collect, and 20 different sticker sheets. You can buy them here from Oyatsu Cafe, and right now they are in their flash sale for just 58p each!

(affiliate link)